NSW Uninsured/unregistered vehicle. Credit card was debited but not processed?

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12 November 2021
I was stopped by police (15 October 2021) and asked if I was aware that my rego had been cancelled.
I asked how and why that might happen and was told I mustn't have payed it.
I recalled clearly the relief when I had payed it on the 17 June 2021.
That afternoon I took all receipts I could find and my credit card statement (I couldn't find a rego receipt) showing the payment. They are still trying to figure out what happened.

The police officer told me to wait until the fine notice arrived and submit my evidence with a short letter outlining what happened. No letter has arrived still so I want to address this with them online.

Aside from the initial notice of registration renewal, no contact was made by text, email, phone call or letter. Details for all of these contact methods are on my account.
When trying to find out what happened, I was told letters definitely would have been sent. When Service NSW checked nothing had been sent after the initial notice.
If there was any indication something was wrong this could have been fixed immediately.

Is there anything I can do?
Many thanks for any guidance you might provide.