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Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Jeboult, 11 August 2018.

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    Some weeks ago I was undercharged for a laptop at a retail store. When i went to pay at the counter, the lady who was serving me told the cashier $88 and this is what the laptop was put through on their till system, some what of a $700 shortfall. As I was in conversation with the cashier and another customer I failed to notice the shortfall and paid and left the store with my receipt for all goods purchased that day. The store manager then tracked me down at my place of work some weeks later and has threatened calling the police and taking the computer off me stating that I ripped them off which I don't feel that I have done. I have told her that I believe that this is their mistake not mine and I wont be returning to pay the shortfall. She has also accused me of deliberately dodging her calls, which I have not and says that she left voicemails, which I do not check on a regular basis.

    I am just wondering what the legal recourse may be on this and what my rights as a consumer are and what rights the retailer may have? I still have the receipt for all the goods purchased that day.
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    You should fix the error. Morally this is the right thing to do.

    Legally, once you have been told of the mistake, the contract can be unwound whereby you get your $88 dollars back, they get their laptop. Now that you have used the computer, likely destroyed the packaging, then they may get their $700.

    Not likely to be a criminal act, but if it goes to court as a civil matter you'd likely lose and probably have to pay costs as well.

    Better to fix the problem now before the $88 computer costs you $5,000 in costs. They do have your name and phone number. They can get your address easily enough.
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    A bit concerning they tracked you down to your workplace... Anyway it is an interesting situation you're in, legally speaking. What does the receipt say, does it simply list the laptop for $88.00?

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