Tax Accountant Dispute - Missing Records, ATO and Centrelink Bills

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14 July 2014
Whist having my Tax return prepared at accountants last years 2012-2013 was informed by new accountant that lady we had previously dealt with has left, there is no documentation of both my husband or myself within this office, when we know nearly all of our documents were filed there, that that they have no record of myself having any tax done there.

Not sure of what really was happening we had our taxes done only then to find that we had been handed to ATO collections who where stating that we had not payed our tax bill, any correspondence from ATO should have been sent to Accounting firm and them to inform us immediately, this was not done. Confronting the lady who now was dealing with our issues she told us that hard drives, documents etc, had been taken from this office from the previous accountant we had dealt with.

We had not been given any further assistance from this office things are very hush up when ever we havw tried to find further information. We took our documents and ATO letters to another well known and reputable accountant to try to sort out some resolution to this mess and at our expense of $ 1,400.00 later to be told that our returns had not been prepared correctly. we have a ATO bill of $15,000.00 and have also been hit with a $5,000.00 Centrelink bill for over paid funds due to incorrect payments paid to us. We have also found that on trying to change our home loan over the past few years that the documents given to us to produce to the bank are totally untrue and incorrect. (Fraud) We would like to know how and if we may be advised and aided as to try to sort out this mess with the Head Office of this firm. We are now in severe financial difficulty possibly having to sell our home due to the predicament we have been placed in.

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
I would write in full detail your concerns to the head office of the accountants.

On what you have said there are some serious concerns here and so put it in writing, outlining at or near the end what you will do if the matter is not resolved in a set time frame, say 14 days.

Hole that helps.
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