QLD Stolen inheritance by father and stepmother from child who lived with grandparents.

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    30 August 2018
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    Im writing this on behalf of my husband.
    My husband was sent away by his dad and step mum when he was young to live with his grandparents (biological mum passed away). When Hubby was a teenager he got inheritance in some kind of trust from his great Aunt. This would of been over 20yrs ago. Unfortunately his dad withdrew the money before my husband got to legal age to access it (21yrs i think it was set at). His dad and step mum bought a house for there kids to live in but Hubby stayed with grandparents so saw no benefits. We dont know exactly how much it was but have heard from the family it was around $100,000.
    We are wondering given how long its been does my husband have any rights? and how on earth could we find the evidence, like how much it was and who withdrew it as it is all he said she said at the moment.

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