Reseller Legal Question - Revised Invoice from Supplier

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25 August 2014
Hi everyone.

My first post. Please move if in the wrong section.

I have been buying and selling items at a small profit from a couple of companies. I purchase the item via email and I organise the seller to drop ship (post the item) for me direct to the customer. I have been organising this through the company I work for with permission. I have also been selling online under a different identity. About a month ago the seller found out I was selling online. (We are talking really small quantities here and the profits have been next to nothing.)

As a result the company has sent a revised invoice. This invoice is the RRP cost of transactions minus what I had paid. Not the agreed and previously paid price.

I was planning on ignoring it but would like to hear your advice on what I should do next. I was going to ignore the email, but thought it would be better to respond. Please let me know what to do under commercial law.

Kind Regards

Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Mezentino,

Have you already agreed to purchase the item at the originally agreed upon price?

Do you already have the permission of the seller to redistribute the items to individual consumers? If so, what does your distribution agreement say about changes in pricing?

Finally, which State or Territory you are in? And which State or Territory is the company/incorporated in?
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