NSW Remove myself from a birth certificate

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2 July 2018

I recently gave birth to a baby about 12 weeks ago, once I gave birth I happily handed baby over to the biological father (day 1). I registered the baby and had to add my details in order for the father to get a birth certificate. To make things easier for him I wish to remove myself from the birth certificate as I do not want anything to do with this child or the father. I would like him to be able to do things for the child without having to come to me always to sign legal papers. Could someone please point me in the direction of what I can do to remove myself from the birth certificate without being cornered and given 100 questions as to why I don’t want anything to do with the child. I really believe he is a great father who has moved on in his life and I would like to get this sorted as swiftly as possible so he can have full authority over the child without me having to sign anything or be in their life. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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27 September 2015
Sadly, it isn't that simple. You can write up consent orders that provide dad with sole parental responsibility. Ask dad to go see a solicitor about that one... But depending on your income and his income, child support may still be payable.. There is a way around that one thought. He just has to pretend that you're paying him privately, then they will leave you alone.


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11 September 2014
You can’t remove yourself from the birth certificate, whether you answer 100 questions or not. The birth certificate is a record of your child’s birth, not a record of which parent wants to be involved in your child’s life.


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10 July 2018
You cannot remove your self from certificate.
But you can give him legal custody and physical custody. You still by law have to pay child support, unless he is agreeable to tell them yiu have a private agreement and not pay, but he can always turn that around . Or just be available to sign anything the bloke needs for the child in the future