VIC Regarding Puppy Litter Registration Dispute.

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    Hello. I need advice about getting the matter of pedigree papers for a litter of labrador puppies. I had partnered with a Dogs NSW registered breeder. I live in Victoria. I am not registered as a breeder under that kennel name. I am a representative under the kennel prefix until I sit an exam. At this stage I am excluded from signing documentation for puppy litter registrations, or any other documentation.
    I bred a litter of puppies and whelped and raised them. I have homes assigned for all the puppies. I have collected deposits and am delivering the puppies to their new homes on Saturday. I am trying to arrange the paperwork for the litter registration to be signed by my partner who is responsible for this. The puppies need to be under her name and kennel prefix. She has had mental health issues and her behaviour is defensive. I feel as though I have to tread on eggshells when I try to communicate with her. She will not commit to a day and time over the phone yesterday and hung the phone up on me and the conversation was respectful. I have a puppy to hand over to her. I offered to drive half way and deliver the puppy to her.
    The puppies are worth $2000 each. There are 7 of them. I keep one. She keeps one and the other 5 are being sold. I am afraid I will be letting the buyers down and not delivering my promise of a puppy with pedigree papers. If I don't resolve the puppy litter registration paper signing and retrieval of papers from her once the pedigree papers are distributed by a mutual arrangement, I am unsure of what courses of action I can take to ensure all the pedigree papers are made available for the puppies.
    I will have $10000 from the sale of the puppies - costs for raising them. The partner was wanting money to pay for some personal bills and money for her own dog.
    The normal type of arrangement in these types of breeders terms arrangements is to return a live puppy, which is worth $2000.
    I want to get out of the partnership, but I am treading carefully in the hope of arranging papers to be signed by mutual arrangement. I was also considering giving her about $1500 in lieu of some up and coming costs I know she has.

    I have incurred a lot of cost, time, effort, stress and the like by helping what was meant to be a close personal friend who shared a hobby. I took in several of her older dogs and arranged homes for them as she moved house earlier in the year. I am burnt out and tired from it all.

    It does not need to be difficult to arrange puppy papers. I intend to keep things friendly and nice, but since she is behaving definsively, my husband suggested I seek advice just in case I might beed sone advocacy.

    Please advise?
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    What exactly does this mean? "I had partnered with a Dogs NSW registered breeder." *partnered* what does that mean exactly?? Do you have things in writing?

    If you cannot sufficiently prove the above, then it comes back to this; "At this stage I am excluded from signing documentation for puppy litter registrations, or any other documentation."

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