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CSA Steaua București (Clubul Sportiv al Armatei Steaua – English: Army Sports Club Steaua) is a Romanian sports society from Bucharest, Romania run by the Ministry of National Defence of Romania. It is the most successful club in Romania in terms of international and overall trophies. Founded on 7 June 1947 as ASA București (Asociația Sportivă a Armatei – English Army Sports Association), the club changed its name several times before settling on Steaua (English: The Star) in 1961.
The club is historically known as the Romanian Army sports club. The only department to have separated from the sports society is that of football in 1998, taking the name FC Steaua București and whose only links to the Army remain the historical tradition and their home ground, Stadionul Ghencea, which still belongs to the Ministry of National Defence but has been leased on a 49-year-long period to the football club.
Sections belonging to CSA Steaua București right now are Rugby, Ice hockey (autonomous – Hochei Club Steaua Suki București), Handball, Water Polo, Basketball (only a youth section at present), Volleyball, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing, Rowing, Canoe, Shooting, Weightlifting, Fencing, Tennis, Cycling and Judo.
Also in existence is Clubul Sportiv Steaua Wu-Shu (Martial arts), run by current FC Steaua owner George Becali, with no link to CSA Steaua.

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  1. M

    VIC CSA - When other parent not following orders - has asked CSA to pay 'actual' care

    Hello, I'm waiting for mediation but in the mean time, the ex is not following parenting orders. She has applied to CSA for actual care despite FCC orders being in place. CSA say they will act on actual care... Any advice? Mediation is still months away.
  2. H

    NSW FCC case judgements on CSA electronic submissions Error denied backdating

    Is anyone able to assist me by knowing of any case Judgements names for the below; Alternatively may be able to to assist myself in the how to find and locate the required searches and the techniques easier to locate these kinds of judgements? I have no issues normally finding cases for...
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    NSW Timeframe for Change of Assessment

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can tell me what the usual timeframe is for Change of Assessments to be processed by CSA? I submitted mine on Feb 25 2019 and have received only a phone call about a month later to say it had been allocated to someone. I haven't received anything since, and all I can...
  4. LovingDad1973

    WA Challenging a Child Support Assessment

    Hi (me again :)) So I pay CSA via the direct deduction by CSA from my salary. Last Nov final family court orders came into play that changed the care arrangements of our children I have my children for half the school holidays plus 5 nights per fortnight during school term. However, my CSA...
  5. H

    NSW CSA debt successfully garnishing superannuation?

    Hello, Would anyone have any advise on attempting to take ones superannuation as an “asset” for unpaid CSA debt? Especially in a case were they pay $35 per fortnight as of recently which stops CSA taking assets. However this is on top of the fact CSA have never found anything in his name, his...
  6. J

    QLD CSA Paternity Fraud Issue

    I'm trying to avoid taking this to court - the Child Support Agency made a paternity decision (without my knowledge years ago). I want to put in an objection to dispute it on the grounds that I'm not on the birth certificate but I've read that paternity must be decided in court so - My question...
  7. P

    CSA Terminating Event

    Can the payee/receiving parent claim 100% care of a child when the child lives independently from them? I've just been told by CSA that you can, but cannot see how that is even possible. Child has lived independently from mum between age of 16 until 18, (from 2017 until now), received a youth...
  8. L

    QLD Change of assessment CSA

    Hi Guys Wanted your opinion on what I should do. Ex has never worked much in his life due to various mental health issues. At the moment, I pay him due to his last taxable income (16/17) which was only $9000. For last few months I get the feeling he is working in his previous industry and it...
  9. Troyp1969

    VIC Estimating income to CSA and tax returns being taken?

    Hello,. So back in December 2016 I was made redundant and started a new job straight away. My income went from $77k in 2015-2016 up to $91k in 2016-2017 and up to $100k in 2017-2018 but I didnt do a tax return for the last 2 years. My eldest son turns 18 tomorrow so I only have 1 son left who...
  10. P

    NSW Deadbeat Dad - CSA says

    Any advice greatly appreciated. ! Thanks! My name is Paul an American living in Bay St Louis , Mississippi. I have a son who lives in Taree, NSW, his name is Blaise. Blaise was born in USA and shortly after birth the family moved to Australia to have a fresh start. Blaise is a dual citizen of...