QLD Real Estate Agents Documents Tampered With?

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9 June 2015
Hi. I am about to go to tribunal to get my bond returned. I have studied the real estate documents that they have supplied to me for their evidence.

As I had two different real estates during my tenancy, they first produced 1 entry report stating that was what the previous real estate had given them. I argued because it did not have my comments on it which I know I filled in, but all the real estate agents' comments were there. Now they state that the previous real estate gave them the proper condition report which they have shown me, and yes it does have my comments on it and does have exactly the same real estate comments on it but no signature from me.

On studying it further, I have found discrepancies in the two documents as in a date changed and missing lines such as ' laundry room' and comments removed on the later documents. It seems as though they have been tampered with. Any advice as I go to tribunal on Friday? I feel they are using false documents.


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27 May 2014
Clearly document and highlight the discrepancies. Take 3 copies with you to the tribunal (one for you, one for the tribunal member, one for the other party).