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VIC Pursued by Debt Collectors Even After Dissolving Business Partnership Agreement?

Discussion in 'Debt and Bankruptcy Law Forum' started by Astrophe, 25 October 2015.

  1. Astrophe

    Astrophe Member

    25 October 2015
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    Hi, I was part of a business partnership agreement that was dissolved January 2015 and a settlement arrangement was entered where I assumed liability for certain debts, the other partner assumed other debts and continued trading.

    I now have a company taking me to court for an account that continued to accumulate charges through to May, and an electricity company that are trying to hold me liable for an account that issued 12 January 2015 (billed but would not have been received before the 15th).

    I have advised both of the settlement agreement, however the debt collectors are still pursuing me. Do I have any options?
  2. JS79

    JS79 Well-Known Member

    2 October 2015
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    With a partnership you share all debts and are liable for your share of the debt that occurred during the partnership.

    As you were in a partnership up until January 2015, you would be liable for half of the bills that were billed up to that date.
    This would mean that you would more than likely be liable for half of the electricity bill. In regards to the invoice from the company, you would be liable to pay your share of charges that accumulated until January 2015.
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