VIC Purchased a vehicle from dealer with possible Takata airbag recall without being notified.

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    Hi everyone.

    I have an issue re: the Takata airbag recall. I purchased a used car (Toyota Corolla Conquest 2011) from a dealership approx 6 months ago on 29th March of this Year. I only recently discovered the Takata recall and checked my VIN online via the Toyota website, which has notified me that the recall applies to my car. I have done some research and just noticed the articles announcing the recall for Corolla models 2011 as far back as October 2016 ... BUT I could also be wrong. If this is the case though and Toyota was aware of these issues, should I have been at the very least, notified of the recall upon purchase of the car? Had I known about the recall and safety issues surrounding the car I most definitely would not have purchased it knowing I am putting my family/passengers/myself at risk unless they were able to fix the car before completing purchase.

    I intend to contact Toyota first thing in the morning to discuss the issue but would really like to have a bit more information on my side if the case happens to be that they have sold me a recall product knowingly or neglectfully, with a serious safety risk and would hate to see that happen to others. I also don't want to make accusations if I am wrong. If you have any information that could better help me understand where to go from here and to ensure new airbags are installed ASAP, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you,

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