NSW Property Ownership

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15 August 2021
Hi, can someone please clarify the following, if an executor of a will, who is also the beneficiary of a property in that will are they considered the rightful owner of the property? Probate has been applied for but this can take up to 6 months in NSW. My mother wants to sight the strata records of this property as she has serious concerns regarding the lack of maintenance of the common property. Roof has been leaking for 4 years and her unit is ridden in black mould. The strata manager, has blocked this and states she is not the rightful owner until probate is complete. Is this current? The SM is trying to block her access because she is asking too many questions and has now rem oved her from all communications. The SM is covering up alot of matters.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Is/was your mother a joint tenant in the property?