NSW Problems with House on Lease - Given False Information

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15 September 2015
Hi i'm not really too sure where to start and how much information to give but i really need help. i just feel like i need to cover myself and would like some help before hiring a lawyer.

About a month ago I and 3 others moved into a new house. First they didn't tell us about bond, it was also listed as $0 bond on the website, then when we were signing the lease they told us we had to pay the bond on the spot.

Next problem was, the first day we moved there, the house was extremely dirty, like no one had lived there for a year and we were told it was professionally cleaned. We complained and they sent a cleaner the next day.

There'e things that are broken and have been since day one that we've asked them to fix, like in the bathroom, the glass around the shower is cracked. Normally i wouldn't be that worried about cracked glass but i'm worried about the constant change in temperature around the glass could cause it to crack further and maybe eventually shatter while taking a shower resulting in injuries.

No cold water tap is supplied for the washing machine so our clothes have to be washed with boiling hot water. We've already had a lot of expensive clothes shrink or the patterns just melt off.

I really don't know what else to say but there are just lots of problems.