Private parking ticket

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31 January 2018
I parked in a private car park last year, that doesn't provide parking meters and never answers the number provided (over 30 minutes of ringing, not even put on hold) forcing you to use their website to buy a ticket. I thought I bought one, entered all the information, waited for the page to load that shows the ticket time counting down and went off to work. Turns out the website glitched and didn't accept my payment so I came back to a ticket for over 3 times the cost of the original ticket. I read some information that said this isn't technically legal and if you don't contact them they don't have your information to harass you. Well turns out several months later that they have somehow managed to get my full name and address and are threatening 'recovery action', whatever that means. Just wondering how legal all this is. If they wanted payment for the ticket that glitched out I wouldn't mind paying, but demanding over 3 times the cost of the ticket when they have so limited your ticket buying options is just ridiculous.