VIC Police Snooping on My Property - What are My Rights?

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30 August 2015
On the weekend, two police officers were looking for my neighbour, they entered my property by mistake and knocked on the front door, there was no one home. They looked in the garage which was open and saw my locked gun safe, they then proceeded to enter the garage and look at it further.

After that they walked around the house and opened the shed door which was unlocked as I was only away for a short time and proceeded to look inside the shed, they did not enter. I have all this on my cctv cameras.

The police were at my house by mistake with no other business other than they mistakenly thought it was my neighbours house.

Are that allowed to do this? I respect the police however my home and private grounds are off limits to anyone other than who I invite onto those grounds. Are the police allowed to do this?

I understand they are allowed if they suspect a criminal act, however I am an exceptionally law abiding citizen, have no criminal record and have no reason for them to suspect anything criminal is taking place.

What are my rights and where do I go to find out more? I'm happy to pay for specific information.



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30 May 2014
Police get away with a lot because the vast majority of sheeple don't bother to find out about their rights. It might be worth reading laws relating to trespass and implied right of entry. If you don't want to go to that effort, simply get a decent fence and gate which should be kept locked at all times you aren't entering or leaving your property.