WA How to Initiate Personal Injury Claim for Workers Compensation ?

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27 October 2015
I suffered an injury at work 8 months ago which was accepted and I have had lots of X-rays, MRI's, Physio, Specialist appointments, hydrotherapy, etc., but my leg has not improved and the pain at night is often unbearable and I only get 3-4 hours sleep and it has seriously affected my lifestyle in that I feel like I've aged 10 years and I can't do the physical exercise like brisk walking and dancing as I used to.

I have followed all the medical suggestions, exercise plans and medications (which have made me nauseous, dizzy, blurred vision, lost balance). I believe the pain will not subside and that it will be ongoing.

How do I go about making a personal injury claim? I have just received a letter from the employer about termination day. What is my first step? Do I just tell them I would like workers compensation and then do I need to get a lawyer? Are there lawyers who take on these cases in Perth who get paid if they win (I am on a health care card)? And if so, what is their percentage?

I joined the Union after the incident so they say they can't help me.

Can you please lead me in the right direction?

Thank you.


Hi Melrose,

I would start by contacting a lawyer. There are many personal injury lawyers in WA who will provide free consultation and a no win no fee retainer for your case. They will evaluate your prospects and give you a realistic estimation of what sort of compensation you may be entitled to.

Your job is to get together absolutely all medical and other evidence you have received to date from doctors, hospitals, your work etc and provide your lawyers will everything they need in order to prosecute your case expediently. I would do this as soon as possible as time limits apply in some states.