NSW Partner Charged with Domestic Violence Order - Missed Out Court Date

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13 September 2015
Hi I am wondering if I could get some help. In his past relationship, my partner was placed under a domestic violence order. It was for unfounded claims and she was pregnant at the time. She begged for him to come back and he did and then she made another false claim.

Not sure what to do, suffering from severe depression and anxiety, he returned from qld to NSW to his family. This means he missed his court date and he skipped bail. It was a poorly made decision and bad judgement in his state of not knowing what to do. Not a direct decision to avoid the law.

Where do we start?

Do I need a Lawyer

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21 January 2015
If he did not attend Court and was on bail it may be that a warrant was issued for his arrest, and that he was convicted by the Court in his absence.


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23 July 2014
The sensible thing to do would be to turn in to the police and contact Legal Aid about getting representation.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Breaching bail is quite serious, and is separate offence to breaching the order, which is also serious.
There might be a warrant issued in Queensland for the "Fail To Appear".

Australian police forces share information such as this in pretty much real time.
So his name will be "flagged" nationally, and the first time he "comes under notice" anywhere
(which may not take much - a full check at an RBT stop could be enough),
he can expect to be arrested on any interstate warrant(s).

He should consult a lawyer, and get advice about handing himself in.