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Helen Rogers

31 May 2020
I have recently purchased a stratum property. Car space is not on title however there are designated numbered car spaces for all of the apartments.
One apartment owned by an organisation that employs support workers continues to park right outside the unit on the grass which s now mud and gravel. This is not the allocated car numbered space for the unit. The support workers are not the residents, and the shifts of these workers alternate, however the car remains parked there day and night. The car is used maybe once a day for a short time in the afternoon.
The way they park this car makes it challenging to reverse out and around to exit the property. Often they park this car at an angle. I have had to knock on the door many times asking for the car to be moved in closer to the unit so I can get out, when I need to leave for work early in the morning. This same unit has other workers, family members that come throughout the day and they park in an area that is used to reverse into to get exit the property. There is a sign at the front of the property residents cars only.
Again having to ask these people to move the car. This has been going on for 2 months and is now becoming an uneasy feeling as they leave notes near where I park, use finger gestures and on one occasion have been verbally aggressive.
I have contacted body corp manager and a few emails have been sent, but no action.The representative of the organisation has come and looked at the property and told the workers that they can park in front of the unit because he doesn't consider the allocated number space safe. It is an undercover area, with florescent lighting. They never use the car at night anyway.
These support workers apparently used to park in this space, but now they have a bigger work car, they have told me that they don't park there anymore.
My reasoning is if this is the allocated car spot this where the car should be parked and if nit there in the street.


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Talk to a few other owners and put a resolution to the service company that owns the common property.

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