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11 May 2021
I am asking this question on behalf of a close relative who holds a Victorian Drivers Licence.
On 26th January 2021 he was charged with mid range drink driving in NSW.
He went to court on 17th Feb 2021 and the Magistrate ordered a 6 month Licence suspension from 26th Jan 2021 & also imposed a fine, which he has paid. The Magistrate also ordered an Interlock Exemption Order exempting him from the operation of Section 211 Road Transport Act 2013. Special Circumstances: Hardship
He lost his job as a result of this offence.
He stopped driving from 26th Jan 2021, but Vic Roads did not apply this to his Licence straight away. It was applied a couple of months later, & they applied the loss of licence from that date. He went into Vic Roads & showed them the Court Order & they said that was not correct & he should write a letter to Vic Roads telling them when he stopped driving & asking for this to be reviewed.
It took several weeks to get a reply from Vic Roads & instead of complying with the Court order, they have extended the loss of licence till mid August. They have also said he must have an Alcohol Interlock Device fitted for 6 Months.
This will make it extremely hard to get a job, which is why the Magistrate said he was exempted.
My question now is, Can Vic Roads go against a NSW Court Order, or is this regarded as Contempt Of Court.
He has not been able to gain any employment since January . He needs a licence for his work & employers will not be prepared to fit an interlock device to their vechicle. This is why the Magistrate ordered the exemption.
I thought the only way to overrule a Court Order was with another Court Order.
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