VIC Notice to Admit Fact in Federal Circuit Court

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10 October 2017
Hi, can somebody provide advise on how to issue Notice to Admit Facts please?

According to FCC rule 15.31(1) - "A party to a proceeding (the first party) may, by notice in accordance with the approved form, ask another party to admit, for the proceeding, the facts or documents specified in the notice. "

But according to Here " This form should not be filed with the Court unless you have been directed to do so by the Court. "

I am confused. Does it mean that Notice to Admit Facts can be directly send to the other party in private, without filing to the court ? Or does it mean that using this notice is not allowed at all, be private exchange or filed in court, unless court leave is granted?


Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You send it to the other party. Do not file it with the Court - that's for later depending on the outcome.