VIC Moving Overseas - Do I Need Consent from Family Court?

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31 August 2015
Hi my partner and I separated over a year ago. As I'm from overseas and have no help/support here, I would like to move back with our 3-year-old.

My ex has given me his verbal consent to do so. Do I still need the consent from family court or would it be enough to have a legal document outlining visitations, contacts, etc. just signed by us and a lawyer?


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23 July 2014
There are three kinds of documents of legal relevance in parenting matters - a parenting plan, a consent order and a parenting order. Parenting plans are decided by the parties, but don't have legal enforceability; consent orders are decided by the parties and registered with the court, which gives them legal enforceability; and parenting orders are generally only made after a trial in front of a judge.

You can simply draw up a parenting plan, but if you want to ensure the other party has limited capacity to change their view about your relocation, you might consider registering it as consent orders.

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