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Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Jmanrocks00, 14 February 2019.

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    14 February 2019
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    I recently went to a dealership (in Queensland) that was advertising a car for $24,000 on gumtree. When I arrived to ask about this vehicle, I was told that this is not the vehicle’s price, and that it excludes on-road costs. They said the total price would be $26990. I attempted to negotiate this, but the dealer told me that if I didn’t take the $26990, they would raise the price to $28990, so I signed the contracts for the car. They also told me that they were removing all of their cars from gumtree because it “displays an incorrect price”, but 2 days later and none of the cars have been removed. I’m just wondering if this is a breach of my consumer rights; the car WAS advertised for $24k, but the dealer refused to sell it to me for this price. I have a screenshot of the advertisement saved on my phone. Is there anything I could do to potentially force the dealership to be more upfront and/or even give me a refund of the difference in price?
    Thanks in advance!

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