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A retail clerk, also known as a salesclerk, shop clerk, (retail) associate or (in the United Kingdom) shop assistant or customer service assistant, is a service occupation in a retail business.
A retail clerk obtains or receives merchandise, totals bills, accepts payment, takes orders and makes change for customers in retail stores such as drug stores, candy stores, or liquor stores (thus, the position may partially overlap with that of cashier and teller). They clean shelves, counters, or tables; stock shelves, counters, or tables with merchandise; set up advertising displays or arrange merchandise on counters or tables to promote sales; stamp, mark, or tag prices on merchandise; and obtain merchandise requested by customers or receive merchandise selected by customers. They are expected to answer customers' questions concerning location, price, and use of merchandise; to total price and tax on merchandise purchased by customers to determine bill; and to accept payment, make change, and wrap or bag the merchandise for customers. They may remove and record the amount of cash in register at end of shift. A retail clerk, particularly in a smaller store, may keep record of sales, prepare inventory of stock, or order merchandise.

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