NSW Minor problems with a new car not repaired after three years.

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21 April 2017
I bought a new Subaru Forester on January 11th 2014. A week later I asked the dealer to fix the many rattles in the dash. Over the past three years it has been back 16 times to look at the same problem. In May 2015 I wrote to the managing Director of Subaru Australia, cited sections of the ACL at him, and asked him for either a refund or a new car. By then the car had been in 9 times! I got no response from the Managing Director, but I was contacted by a Regional Service rep who "promised" they would fix the problem. Well, almost another two years has passed, and the car still has those same rattles. It has now been looked at 16 times for the same problem (at three different dealerships). I have recently written to the managing Director again, and once again I am being fobbed off with the promise that they will fix the rattles. I have documented all the visits and all the correspondence with Subaru over the past three years. I would still like either a refund or a new Subaru. Am I being unreasonable about the "reasonable time" I've given them to fix my car?


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31 October 2015
It doesn't sound like you are being unreasonable. I think its time to speak with NSW Fair Trading. 3 years is a ridiculous amount of time.