WA Magistrates Court Drink Driving Offences - Legal Aid WA Denied

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michael cross

Active Member
10 May 2015
I'm due to appear in Magistrates Court shortly for two traffic offences, DUI (drink driving) and driving while under suspension, two separate incidents that will be heard at the same time. Due to my very extensive court history of traffic offences, a jail term will definitely be on the able for the magistrate to consider. Legal Aid WA has been denied because I don't meet the criteria. I desparately want to have a face to face consult with a lawyer but don't have the money now.

Is there any way or any service that will enable me to chat with a lawyer face to face and go over my court history together so I may have a better idea of what course of action to take? Or are there any law firms that may consider taking my case pro bono?


Well-Known Member
23 July 2014
Though Legal Aid WA has already refused funding for representation, they do still offer free consultations, so it may be worthwhile calling them to make an appointment to speak to one of their solicitors for a small amount of free legal advice.


You might also have a community legal centre nearby in your area. Have a google around, and you might find someone that can help you.