Lot owner cloth wiring has failing and seeking strata to cover costs

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23 January 2019

I currently have a lot owner in my complex who hasn't rewired her lot. We understand she still has cloth wiring. Her wiring has now failed and she has lost partial power to her unit. She is claiming strata are responsible to rewire her apartment and she is only to cover 35% of the costs.

For background it is a known fact we have old wiring and many lots have taken the initiative and re-wired their unit. Strata has always indicated wiring was our responsibility.

After discussions with the strata manager he indicated that all internal wiring was the lots responsibility however strata would need to re-wire the circuits to her unit. ( the meter boxes are in the basement).

This owner is particularly difficult and only pops up when she has an issue or wants to cause someone else grief. Naturally she is still seeking 65% of costs on us. She thinks anything on a common wall or ceiling/ floor is our responsibility also.

I was looking in the legislation. It does state the strata is responsible for any services in common walls/ ceilings/ floors etc. Except any internal walls. However. In NSW (where we are) the rules are any wires that service a lot for sole use is the lot owners responsibility. I've been trying to get clarification from my strata manager however no response at present.

Could you please shed some clarity or send me a link to this part of the legislation?