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QLD Limitations to Notification of Traffic Infringement Notices?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by JxS, 19 May 2016.

  1. JxS

    JxS Member

    19 May 2016
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    Are there limitations for the timely notification of Traffic Infringement Notices?

    I have parking fines documented by a camera from a Brisbane City car with a Date of Notice about one month after the Offence Date. I feel an offence of this type should reasonably be processed in one or two business days; historically offences of this type were written-up on the spot.
  2. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    Not sure about QLD, in Vic it is 12 months. You'd have a case however if there were multiple fines for the same offence.
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