VIC Legal assistance for being treated illegally by a security gaurd

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15 December 2023
Is there anything I can do.

I was shipping at a grocery store late tonight before closing time in a westfield centre and afterwards had to take my trolley and mobility scooter to use a bathroom. The disabled toilet was closed and my only option was the (empty) parents room. I used the toilet the whilst in the private curtained/breastfeeding area was packing my belongings together whilst a security guard came in yelling (he was foreign and elderly and trying to understand him was difficult enough).

He began insulting me saying 'you must leave you are not a parent', 'is there something wrong with you?' 'I'm going to report you'

I said I'm disabled and must use the toilet.

He said 'I don't care you need to leave'

(Also note, at this time the large black gates shut out the whole westfield except the coles so other toilets are shut).

he went outside the door and made a scene by calling the radio to report me for entering the parent room and possibly tried calling cops which I don't understand why, people started gathering and the coles manager came out asking him if he was alright. I left without saying nothing and now am confused what happened and would like to complaint if possible.

Have I done anything illegal?


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25 November 2023
Oh, this is different version of events from your other post, or is this another incident ?

From what you write, no, do not waste everyone's time (and your money) . They can ask you to move on for any reason at any time, you have done nothing illegal from what you write it seems, nor have they.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Is there anything I can do.
Well, since you ask...
perhaps you could shop at a more mainstream time of day?

Also, while I accept that for some people, some things can be... unpredictable, maybe, you can plan what you can, and
try to swing the probabilities in your favour.
Or to put it another, cruder, way: Maybe make it part of the standard routine to go to the bathroom before entering the supermarket?

As to
Have I done anything illegal?
Going only by what you've said here, with only one side of the story, with the missing facts missing, and with all the unstated ifs, buts, maybes, exceptions and unlesses not allowed for... not that I can see.