NSW Landlord lies doesn’t give me my money back

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2 May 2019
Yesterday I moved out my room where I was living for 6 months (where I was paying cash in hand rent ).After few hours that I left the apartment, where I was living with my landlord, I realise that I forgot an envelope with money under my bed. I immediately called the landlord and told her that I was going back to take something that I forgot. She kept asking me what was it as she could see anything in the room, so I had to tell her about the money. She reply to my saying that she didn’t find anything and she already trough the mattress. Which is not true as I left the money there and I’m 100% sure. I told her I was going to take the money back and she said that she was available to show me the room just today In the afternoon repeating me that she didn’t find anything.
Please let me know what can I do to prove that she took the money and get it back!
It was all my savings..