Getting back bond money - subletting

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    14 March 2019
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    I live in Vic and recently was subletting a room in a unit off two other people who rent the place through an agent. (They are both on the lease and I am not). My lease (verbal lease) was up in March this year and the two other people decided to also move out of the unit. I've been waiting for almost 3 weeks now to receive my bond money back but the two people have told me I still have to wait as they are in the process of filling out some forms to be processed and then the bond money will be put into their account and then they will transfer me my bond money. So I'm asking legally do I also have to wait this long just to get my bond money back even though i'm not on the lease and I don't think these people ever lodged my bond money with anyone when I gave it to them at the start of my lease. Should they have given my bond money back as soon as I moved out? Thanks in advance

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