NSW Is it legal for police to throw me out of a station when I've done nothing wrong?

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2 October 2016
I was viciously assaulted by a neighbour some weeks ago but every time I visit the local police station to enquire what is happening with the investigation, they get defensive because they did not respond to my 000 call and appear to be doing nothing. When I try to give them evidence to prove my story is correct or ask why no police responded they literally "throw" me out of the station. I ask them why they are doing this and they say because they don't want to talk to me and if I don't leave I will be arrested for disobeying police. I asked them that if they told me to stick my head in a blender and I refused, would they arrest me? Yesterday, they became so aggressive that 2 officers picked me up and tossed me out onto the pavement with such force that I fell badly and was lucky not to be seriously injured.

What right do they have to do this? I'm not committing any crime - I am actually trying to help them establish the truth but they insist they can force me to leave for any reason they like.

I'm sure the video of the incident would look like severe police brutality and, I am completely innocent, never committed a crime, never been charged or even arrested.

So, I cannot get police to cooperate and whenever I say or ask something that makes them "nervous" about their own behaviour they become threatening bullies and violent.

Surely I have the right to enter the station and ask questions? Surely they can't throw me out just because they don't like me?

This smells a lot like misconduct or corruption and very unfair treatment of me so what are my rights? Can they really arrest me if I refuse to leave?