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Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Sid Ganguly, 11 January 2019.

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    11 January 2019
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    my wife and I are of Indian extraction. Unable to have kids we are looking into adoption. Recently after long hiatus adoption from India has reopened and been recognised in Australia. We are looking at other places as well but perhaps having some point of reference with our adopted child will be important. We have heard recently through family friends of a young couple in India who are divorcing. The lady is pregnant and due soon and neither wants the child. He because he has other things to do and she behave they are poor and her prospective second husband does not want the child. An orphanage has refused to take the child as nominally at least the parents are alive. No other family member wants the child from what we gather. We have been told that the parents will voluntarily sign papers to relinquish parental rights to us. No monetary transaction is taking place. But we need some confidence that Australia will recognise such an adoption. Can anyone direct us to an adoption specialist lawyer? Or give us some general advice?
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    Hi Sid
    Happy to help.
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