Injured at hairdresser

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Kristen frost

6 December 2018

I am looking for informations

Today I was at the hairdresser getting my hair done, unfortunately when the girl got the heat lamp and put it over my head she tried to make it higher and it slipped out of the connecting piece and fell down onto my head. Now this thing was rather heavy, and it hurt my neck as it fell right on top and jarred my neck I guess you could say.

A few other hairdressers saw what happened, and it happened twice . She was very apologetic And I said that actually hurt my neck a lot.

Now I have been home for over 4 hours and it really starting to hurt, I feel dissaponted in myself for not saying anything before leaving .

Any advise or ideas? I already have a bad neck as it is and it’s taken years of physio to get it Under control.

Thankyou any information is great !


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28 May 2018
What you can do depends on what you want from the situation. If you want a refund then you could ask and depending on their response go from there. If you want to bring a personal injury action then you should see a lawyer. At a minimum you would need to demonstrate (1) an injury, (2) that the injury was caused by the hairdresser (3) that the injury is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the action/inaction of the hair dresser - That is just to get to the starting line. You then need to demonstrate loss, such as reduced income, medical expenses etc. Personal injury claims typically take several years, so your best bet is to speak with a personal injury lawyer (they typically offer No Win, No Fee arrangements).

Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
To add, your first port of call should be to see a doctor. Inform them why you are seeing them and that there is a potential claim involved. If you do decide to take the matter further, this step will be crucial.
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