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24 May 2020
Recently I imported some hand sanitizer for my own small business to sell. Unfortunately, the minimum order was well in excess of what I can reasonably expect to sell because my business is quite small and quite new. I’m selling very slowly, and at this stage, I am looking at selling my excess stock to other businesses at near wholesale price. Small convenience stores with a better location or more exposure may be able to sell faster than me, so I have been keeping an eye out for stores that don’t already sell it, and I have offered to sell my excess bottles to them for near wholsesale price. At this stage, I’m happy to make even a small profit or break even.

One store I spoke with today was interested, however they said I need an “imported disclosure sticker” on each bottle. Essentially, because it was a foreign product, each bottle would need a sticker identifying where it came from, and the contact details of the importer. Basically, the store needs details on the bottle so that the store itself can’t be held accountable if the product doesn’t work as advertised or someone has a bad reaction, etc. Fair enough, makes sense. The store showed me a soft drink that had been imported from USA. The sticker had a breakdown of all the ingredients, nutritional info, and contact details of the importer.

What info would I need to include for my sanitizer? Obviously, there is no nutritional information as I don’t want anyone to ingest this. Would I just include a breakdown of the info of the ingredients? Whose contact number would I provide -mine, the wholesaler or the company who made it?

Basically, I’m asking what info I need to provide on a sticker so that the store feels comfortable selling this item. They told me it is called an “imported disclosure for products” sticker. What is all the info I need, and any tips on where I can get these printed?


Well-Known Member
11 April 2020
Not sure where you would get a sticker printed, but I’d suppose the information you should include would be the ingredients such as various chemicals, possibly instructions on how to use the item if not already given and what to do if allergic reaction. As for number for contact I would say the manufacturers and possibly the wholesalers