QLD i want to sue golden casket for breach of contract anyone out there that can help or advise me on this

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8 January 2015
cairns and nsw
i want to sue golden casket for a clear breach of contract which probably cost me proving a major lotto win/is there any advise or anyone that can help me out there my statute ended end jan this year but they golden casket unfairly treated me really only a few months ago and i did file in court last year but my case initially was not heard till feb this year as there were no available court times. I do not want to sue for my win but rather that they went out of contract and hindered me for example by not looking at my witnesses credit card statement for example which shows their lotto purchase of the same day and time as mine. I know had they followed cotract golden casket would ahve clearly seen that I ahd two credible witnesses to my winning purchase of a non registered ticket