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Pro bono publico (English: "for the public good"; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteering, it uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.
Pro bono publico is also used in the United Kingdom to describe the central motivation of large organizations, such as the National Health Service and various NGOs which exist "for the public good" rather than for shareholder profit, but it equally or even more applies to the private sector where professionals like lawyers and bankers offer their specialist skills for the benefit of the community or NGOs.

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  1. N

    QLD 2miliion lost lotto ticket but tons of evidence-can anyone help pro bono

    in the latter stage of trying to prove a lost ticket win, lotto nor the justice department have even looked at my witnesses or their credit card statement of purchase of the day, I want to present to court and obtain such a phenomenon as the secret and want the details of the winning ticket...
  2. Heth

    Information re possibility for Pro Bono Lawyer

    I need some advice. A friend is trying to contest a deceased estate in Vancouver which was of a Canadian man she spent 6 months per year in defacto relationship whilst he was escaping the northern winter. He talked her into buying half share in apartment building which she would be landlady of...
  3. M

    QLD Pro Bono Lawyers and Rules

    So quick question, what the go with pro bono Lawyers who actually work for legal aid NSW yet send you paperwork stating "the client has asked me to help them ut" yet they have not submitted a Notice of address for service to the commsportal...this just feels all wrong can anyone shed any light...
  4. B

    WA Pro Bono Lawyer Gone Off the Radar?

    My lawyer left the firm handling my case and offered to work pro bono. She was meant to submit a deed of settlement to my previous employer but is not returning calls at her new job. We were on the cusp of settlement. It has now been 10 weeks without communication. I am uncertain how to proceed.
  5. S

    VIC Bullied Whistle Blower of Child Exploitation Boss - What to Do?

    Hi there. First time posting. I wish to take legal proceedings against my workplace after a series of events which escalated severely after I reported a lower management level supervisor (aged in his fifties) for showing me child pornography and clearly detailing his sexual dealings with...
  6. S

    NSW How Best to Find a Pro Bono Barrister?

    I have an appeal going in the Court of Appeals from a decision of the Land and Environment Court of NSW. Currently I have filed and served the Notice of Appeal on the Respondent, and am in the process of compiling the Red Book. I can't afford legal representation and while I understand the law...
  7. B

    VIC Crimes Committed Against Me by Employer - Pro Bono?

    Hi, I have had all my funds stolen and been made destitute from being a victim of a large number of thefts, etc. I worked for a company search marketing group where my employer drugged my food, withheld my pay, stole my car, bullied and belittled me, etc. I also believe he slept with my ex...
  8. D

    NSW Domestic Violence Case with Partner?

    My partner is abusive and controlling. I have no evidence of this (no impartial witnesses or records). My partner is willing to sign a statutory declaration about history but refuses access to a lawyer. I need help drafting the stat dec. I can't explain details here for safety purposes but...
  9. K

    VIC Will Lawyer Help Fight DHS Pro Bono?

    If someone is targeted by DHS due to no money, no family and legally uneducated and they have done inhuman crimes involving your kids, what lawyer will help pro bono or do a group claim ?