VIC I need to lawyer that will take on DHS

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10 June 2019
south east sub
I have a 10 day trail booked in at child courts Melb in 2 mths
we have been in front of the children court 24 time over the last 4 years
this case is very completed cant find a lawyer to take it on as they don't have the resource to take it on
can anyone help .


Well-Known Member
7 June 2019
Hey krisco, go to the post I have pasted below, you might find help.
I had a 2 week trial late last year I have 2 daughters to two mothers and they both accused me of multiple sexual assaults over the last 3 years, I was found not guilty of any of them worse 3 years of my life though, I was wonder if anyone has any evidence against DHHS I want to get at least 7 people and start a civil class action law suit against them, in my case they allowed the mothers in the same room and asked my daughters leading questions and didnt comply with my subpoena.
If you know on anyone else in same boat it would be helpful thanks