NSW How will Bankruptcy affect spouse?

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27 June 2019
Hi there,

If I go bankrupt and my spouse doesnt, how does bankruptcy affect my spouse?

Can it affect any purchases he wants to buy in the future ie a new car?
Can the trustee have any claims on his personal goods if hes not going bankrupt?

Also, Ive done alot of research about bankruptcy, and I know its 3 years and 1 day. And several more years on your credit file. But are you free of the trustee after the 3 years if you wanted to purchase a new car without fear of the trustee taking it etc. How long can the trustee stalk you for, can they still stalk you after bankruptcy term is finished.
These questions are all hypothetical, certainly not financially able to do this, but im hoping to have a change of fortune and learn from my previous mistakes.

I just want to know the full extent of the impact of bankruptcy before taking that step, Bankruptcy is forever and i just want to make myself aware of all the rules and regulations.