restitution order

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    VIC International student, restitution order and bankruptcy

    Hi, I am an international student studying here in Australia. I have debts totaling 62K which I can not pay as I have no income or assets and I am receiving living and tuition assistance from my family. My family has already made over 40K in payments for legal fees and other expenses and I do...
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    WA Restitution Order - Getting Jewellery Back from Police?

    My friend was involved in a jewellery fraud, and lost two expensive items. One item was sold to a pawn shop and from there sold and ended up on eBay where it was found recently. Anyway, the bloke who actually stole the items was found guilty and sent to prison late last year and at the time the...
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    WA Family Law - Do I Have to Supply Annexure Information in Affidavit?

    I am self-represented in a Parenting matter Family Law Court WA. The Respondent's lawyers have requested I supply them with the full document of an annexure I supplied as part of my affidavit. Do I have to supply this? I had 894 pages of text messages printed and witnessed, I can not recall...
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    VIC How to Get an Extension for a Restitution Order?

    Hi, I was given a restitution order, which is due to be paid later this week. Can anyone tell me if / how can I get an extension for this? Thanks