QLD how long is spousal maintenance paid for

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1 May 2018
married for 16 years, 3 kids under 12.
I have been the sole family carer and stay at home mother, while the husband built his career in property worked and earns a good income.
I haven't worked and was fully reliable upon him financially, and im wondering how much as a mother with 75% primary care of the kids still,( 8 days a month the ex has the kids.)

EX earns a good income of over 200k, how much spousal maintenance is good to ask for and ALSO how long do I ask for him to support me?

At the moment his telling me to go get a job, and I dont want to and pretty much cannot go get a job because I care for the 3 kids, dogs and house
What would you do in this scenario?


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27 May 2014
Hard to comment with looking at everything. Spousal maintenance should not be considered in isolation of the property split.

It may be for instance he signs the house over to you, pays out the mortgage and offers no spousal maintenance leaving your housing secure for a number of years.

There are many ways to cut a deal and someone needs to sit down with you to look at the options that work best for you.

It may be he pays expenses in the meantime while finances are worked through.


22 April 2018
This was me 3 years ago. The courts very rarely award spousal maintenance. They are more inclined to split the assets 80/20 in your favour fracturing your extra future costs being the primary carer. You also can't get him to pay your legal fees so whatever assets you do get you will need to pay legal and then the extra costs for the kids, split extra school activities, schools fees. I went back to work part-time with three young children and pets to care for after...on my low salary my funds got exhausted as I had to rent in an area near their school.

The registrar at conciliation will tell you to better yourself by education or getting a job as you cannot rely on him, you will have to get your own health care cover.

I am now working full time and its not easy but you have to for your children and yourself and their father only has them 4 nights a month by his choice.