How Do I Find Out If I'm a Beneficiary in a Friend's Will?

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21 June 2014
I have found out that my friend died in 2008 and I think that he may have left me something in his will. All I know at this stage is that he died somewhere near Hervey Bay in Queensland and as with most alcoholics, he died alone I believe and had lost touch with any family and friends.

Apparently his ashes were not wanted by anyone but eventually his step sister took them but I don't know her name or whereabouts. So I don't know for sure where he died, except it was in Queensland and I do not know the funeral people or his sisters name. It's a big ask but this forum is the only avenue left to seek advice. How can a lawyer help me with finding out whether I am a beneficiary or not.

Thank you.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
How can a lawyer help me with finding out whether I am a beneficiary or not. Thankyou. Jeff and Margaret
A lawyer can help you find out the date and place of of death; and
whether or not he had a will, and if so, who the executor was; and
what happened to anything that was in your friend's estate
after paying off any debts and bills and final expenses.

You would do best to engage a solicitor in the state where he died.
If that was Queensland, then you can search for one here:

  • You don't have to live in Queensland to instruct a Queensland solicitor.
  • You may not have to actually go to Queensland for a solicitor there
    to do work for you.
  • There will be paperwork to sign, and the solicitor will bill you for the work.
  • The bill may exceed the amount in the estate, and you will still have to pay it
    even it the lawyer's work turns up nothing.

Good luck.

James D. Ford - Solicitor

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Jeff & Margaret

Have you located a Solicitor to assist you?

Kind regards, James
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