VIC Have to sign a stat dec for work

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11 July 2023
Hey everyone, this is such a great service! I've been looking through the forums but can't find anything specifically answering my query so here goes:

I have been in a health care job for a short while and part of it involves visiting a nursing home to provide allied health care.
The nursing home requires a stat dec to be signed. However the stat dec asks me to confirm I have "never had any charges laid against me by police concerning any offence committed in Australia or in
another country in the past." I was charged with doing something petty and stupid in 2005. I was not convicted and it doesn't come up on a police check. I have passed multiple background checks in the past and it's never been an issue until now.
Am I in the wrong if I sign this stat dec? Not signing it will cause some major dramas at work and I'd have to explain to my supervisor why I can't sign, which I'd rather avoid if it's at all possible.


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27 May 2014
You don't lie on a stat dec.

Change the stat dec, or create your own that states 'I have never been found guilty of any criminal offence committed in Australia or in another country in the past'
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