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    QLD Am I Entitled to Paid Parental Leave?

    Hello, I have a baby due on June 7th. My employer has advised me that as a small business, she does not have to give me paid or unpaid leave or time off. There is no enterprise agreement in place for the industry I am in and no employment contract was signed when I started full time employment...
  2. B

    QLD Raising Sister's Baby - Claim Paid Parental Leave from Centrelink?

    I will be raising my sister's newborn baby as my own. Consent orders will be made once the baby is born and submitted to family law court in Brisbane. I work for Education QLD. They are offering me 14 weeks "special leave", not paid maternity leave as I don't fit in the "birth parent, adoption...
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    QLD Consent Orders and Statutory Declaration to Claim Paid Parental Leave?

    Hi, my sister and hubby is gifting me and my hubby a baby. Our baby is due May, 2016. Is this considered surrogacy even though not my egg and not hubby sperm? It's not adoption So what category does this fall into? Surely, there is a way I can claim paid parental leave from work. Centrelink...
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    Resigning before Returning to Work - Paid Parental Leave - Refunded?

    Background: I was working with the company since May 2010. I took 52 weeks maternity leave in October 2012. I received 9 weeks company-funded maternity paid leave on top of government's scheme. I asked for part time role in September 2013, no role available, advised to extend leave. I asked...