Granny Flat Agreement with Centrelink

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New Member
11 June 2014
I am in a granny flat agreement with Centrelink between my mother and I. The property was transferred to me and now my mother is saying that she didn't know the house was being transferred because one of my siblings found out and has turned her against me and saying that I deceived her and have started legal action. what position does this put me in now when they are lying about everything.


Well-Known Member
25 April 2014
Hi Annie,
Just to clarify -
Which State are you located in?
Who owned the granny flat before the transfer?
Did your mother sign documents for the transfer given that she was a party to the granny flat agreement?
Is your mother of sound mind and able to make decisions for herself?

The Department of Human Services also has an information page on Granny Flats.