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Secondary suites, or accessory dwelling units, ADUs, or in-law apartments, are self-contained apartments, cottages, or small residential units, that are located on a property that has a separate main, single-family home, duplex, or other residential unit. In some cases, the ADU or in-law is attached to the principal dwelling or is an entirely separate unit, located above a garage or in the backyard on the same property. In British English the term "annexe" is used instead. Reasons for wanting to add a secondary suite to a property may be to receive additional income, provide social and personal support to a family member, or obtain greater security.

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    QLD What are My Parents' Rights to Granny Flats?

    My mother and my father purchased a granny flat from their superannuation and put in on me and my husband's property. The marriage isn't working and I stay because of my parents. What are my parents' rights with their property as it's on our property? Can he just kick them out because it's on...
  2. Z

    NSW Misled into Buying Property - Recourse Under Property Law?

    Hello, I am wanting someone to give me some help in property law. Last december, I brought a property in newcastle, I was looking for a property which I could do some sort of development to. When I spoke to the agent, I made it very clear I was looking for a property that I could do a granny...
  3. D

    NSW Property Law - Fences as Retaining Wall?

    Hi, I have recently had a new dwelling erected next door to me, the existing house and granny flat at the rear of the yard were demolished to make way for the new house being built. When the granny flat at the rear of the yard was demolished all the topsoil right up to the fence boundary was...
  4. L

    QLD Property Law - What are Our Property Right as Landowners?

    Hello. I am desperate for some answers regarding a property my partner owns and we occupy together with our children. We allowed another party to build a livable shed "granny flat" on the property providing she organised and paid for the correct council approvals to do so. After recently...
  5. M

    NSW Where Does My Sister Stand Regarding Her Partner's Will?

    Hello, I just have a question for my sister. My sister has been with her partner for 6.5 years and she just found out he has a will done. It was done 11 years ago. Everything is left to his two children. Around about 5 years ago he brought a house for them together. Her name isn't on the home...
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    ACT Access to Granny Flats - Property Rights to Driveway?

    Hi there! I'm currently in a dispute with my front-house tenants and I'm seeking help as to how to remedy the situation. We are currently living in a granny flat behind another property. The granny flat we live in is at the end of the drive way and we have recently had some confrontations...
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    WA Granny Flats - What Happens If Builder Becomes Insolvent?

    We signed a contract with Concept Steel Constructions in Perth for building a granny flat. Initially we signed for 80 working days, but with some other issues they sent us a variation for 200 working days, unfortunately we agreed for that with the situation we had at that time. 200 working days...
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    NSW Property in Wife’s Name Only - Any Rights?

    My second wife and I purchased a property in NSW over 10 years ago. For reasons of the first home buyers grant, we purchased it in my wife’s name alone. Her daughter now lives in the property and has persuaded my wife into demolishing the property and building a house with separate granny...
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    QLD Living with In-Laws - Who Own the Property?

    Hi, My wife and I are living with my father-in-law and he is causing issues between me and my wife, and between me and him. My wife and I are mortgage holders and he had gifted money to my wife as her inheritance to put towards the house. He lives on the property with us in a portable home...
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    VIC Separation - Can I Get Half of Money?

    My wife wants to leave me (separation) because she threw her daughter and granddaughter out of our house and told them never to come back. My daughter's husband came when I wasn't here and abused her for throwing her daughter and granddaughter out because they came home crying. Now my wife wants...