Grandparents Passed Away - Workers Compensation Money Entitlement?

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9 August 2014
I would just like to know: my grandad passed away last year august 20th and my grandma passed away November 13th because my grandad passed away before my grandma and on the will that was left with her didn't have anything about my granddad's workers compensation payment that he got from his work. A couple months ago he got his compensation money from work but my aunty won't give it to my mum who is her sister. Is that legal to do? She's not calling my mum at all to let her know what's happening as well.

Please help me and please get back to me thank you.

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
Just to clarify.
Your grandfather died leaving everything to your grandmother.
Then your grandmother died leaving everything to her two daughters.
Your aunt is the executor of you grandmothers will.
Your grandmothers estate has received the proceeds of a compensation pay out.
You aunt refuses to distribute the pay out money.