Gay Couple - Inappropriate Comments from Neighbour?

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23 April 2014
My partner and I are really worried about our neighbours and their homophobic and racist remarks. We moved into what we thought was a nice unit complex near [Suburb redacted] and for the first week or so after unpacking, we decided to introduce ourselves to our neighbours. Well, what a shock. The first door we knocked on was answered by a man in his fifties who said that he knew exactly “what type” we were and that he, nor anybody else in the complex, wanted us there.

G asked him exactly what he meant and he remarked that we probably expected to hold “little dinner parties for our like minded friends” and that he and the other tenants would make sure that they were disruptive with loud music and other activities. We told him that we are just a couple like every other couple and that being gay should not be an issue. He then looked at me and said “but you are obviously an Asian so that’s another reason why you should both move out”. We are going to post this on a few parts of this site because we feel that our tenancy agreement should be part of our defence and also we need to look at our civil rights as human beings.

What should we do?

Thank you.

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
So in brief you question is can we get out of our rental agreement because our neighbours are racist homophobes?
I don't think this will have much bearing on you rental agreement as it is out of the control of your land lord.

Hopefully over time they will learn they have nothing to fear.

Denise I

Active Member
15 April 2014
Nobody can make you leave not even your landlord for the sole reason of your gender identity. This is more about human rights.

There is a new protection against discrimination on the basis of gender identity. In your case it is a direct discrimination. You can read more about it here:

I hope you enjoy your new place despite of this.



Active Member
24 April 2014
That's really sad to hear. I can't believe people are still unable to face the fact that gays are a reality and that they should all be treated equally. That is essentially a violation of your human rights. Denise is right. Apart from that, they're also making racist remarks. What's wrong with being an Asian? I think everyone deserve to be treated well despite their gender or race.

Elle W

Active Member
17 April 2014
Wow! I can't believe there are people who still have the nerve to say this face to face.

First of all, I hope you two are okay.
Personally, I suggest to just take the high road and enjoy your life. You don't need to stoop down and mingle to those kind of people. Such a waste of time.