QLD Fined for crossing 2 continuous lines

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14 July 2020
I have been driving for over 22 years and never received a fine. I consider myself a safe driver always following the road rules. Unfortunately I received an excessive fine for crossing 2 continuous lines with my motorbike while visiting the Sunshine Coast. I crossed the lines to enter a parking lot on the other side. I was unaware that this is not allowed in QLD (moved from NSW last year).
The fine is $240 and 3 demerit points and states that I "conducted a u-turn over double continuous lines". I did not conduct a u-turn.

Unfortunately I just lost my job due to Covid-19 and this fine hurts me a lot. I understand now that crossing double continuous lines in QLD is not allowed, however the maneuver was totally safe with no oncoming traffic and not behind me.

Apparently in QLD there is no review / request for leniency possible. Is my only option court hearing or payment of fine?


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7 September 2017
Hi Franconian,
It's unfortunate that you were caught crossing the double unbroken lines to turn into a property, which in Queensland, is illegal and makes absolute sense as opposed to NSW where it is permitted to turn across double lines into a property (from memory). I learnt to drive in NSW 100 years ago, or so it seems, but think about it, to cross double unbroken lines to turn into a property on the crest of a hill could be the last thing you do in this life and in fact could end someone else's life too. I think Qld has written that rule in a better way.
There is actually an avenue to have a fine waived in Queensland. You simply write a letter to the District Superintendent of Traffic in the Region where the offence occurred and then, yes, hope for the best. Quite simple and just the cost of a postage stamp (or maybe free by e-mail these days, it's been a while). If you set the letter out in a clear detailed manner, detail any previous Traffic History you may have from NSW and grovel an awful lot, you might be let off. Perhaps even attach a diagram or photos of the immediate area if it helps your case. If there is a crest to a hill somewhere or a bend in the road, don't even bother. You could argue the point of a 'U-Turn' as opposed to a 'Turn' but they'd probably just amend the ticket rather than accept defeat and let you off if they're determined to convict you, but just be careful they don't up the fine to 'Driving without Due Care and Attention' which is a lot more dollars. Good Luck whatever course of action you decide to take and enjoy your stay in Queensland. At the end of the day, it is only a Traffic Offence Notice, not the end of the world, and you can ask for additional time to pay.