red light camera fine

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  1. P

    VIC Red light fine dispute. Car accident.

    Hello, In late December I was involved in a nasty car accident. The driver hit my passenger side and smashed my car to peices. I had checked the light before going through and it was definitely green. However while I was trapped in the car, the other driver and her friend began pulling cars...
  2. B

    NSW Red light camera infringement

    Hello everyone looking for some advice. Recently received an infringement for a red light camera. I was wondering what the photos are meant to show as was certain light was not red when entered intersection and photos show car already in intersection?
  3. G

    VIC Can I Dispute Red Light Camera Fine?

    Hi, I have received a red light camera traffic infringement notice. I was aware of the day/circumstances and have been online to view the photos to clearly see where the car was positioned. After a lot of research, I believe that the camera will be activated after a car crosses the line once...
  4. hermoine

    QLD Red Light Camera Fine - Dispute for Bad Weather?

    I have been photographed at a large intersection in Brisbane over the white line at a red light camera. In the night at the time there was a very heavy downpour of rain and my wipers couldn't adequately remove water for me to see where to stop. There were lights a long way away across the other...
  5. C

    VIC Red Light Camera Fine - Challenge?

    I have been booked with a red light camera fine for passing a Red light arrow by police car follow behind me, but I want to put this matter on court because I believed I only passed during Amber arrow light! How much chance to win this case which I'm against a police officer? If the case loses...