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NSW Finding a Collaborative Family Lawyer

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by jacob, 14 June 2014.

  1. jacob

    jacob Member

    14 June 2014
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    I urgently need advice on how to find a family lawyer who does collaborative law and what does this mean I have to do. I have been told to find one to sort out my family law situation. Thanks
  2. John R

    John R Well-Known Member

    14 April 2014
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    Hi Jacob,
    I assume that you are working through a separation/divorce with your former partner and are attempting to resolve the process without going to court.
    From the Family Court of Australia's website, "Collaborative law uses an interest-based negotiation model where clients and their lawyers work together to resolve a dispute without going to court. The aim is to reach a fair agreement while minimising costs, delays and stress."

    You can find collaborative lawyers near you via:
    Hope this helps!

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